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How many stages are there in commissioning a web site? what is Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Stage 1 - Choose your domain name

The first stage is to buy a domain name. This is the name you would like to call your business on the internet. 

A company called Blammo Sports, for example, might like to call themselves www.blammo.com. however, millions of domain names have already been bought, and there can only be one owner per domain name.

If you don't already have a domain name, Spider Spider can carry out a search for you and find out if your desired name is available. 

If it has already been bought, we can suggest an alternative. We do not hold client's domain names - we set up an account for the domain name in the name of the client so they will always be able to access it themselves.

Domain names are completely separate legal and physical entities from websites. A lot of people  don't realise this. You can purchase a domain name independently from the company who builds your website. 

Too often, website companies will cease trading and then the client will have great difficulty in accessing their own domain name if it was bought by the website company in their own account. 

If they did this, then the domain name is effectively their property, not yours .... so always try to get your domain name in an account in your name. we would suggest www.easily.co.uk as a reputable company from which to buy your domain name.

  Stage 2 - Designing your web site

Commissioning a website is a bit like buying a car when you have no idea what a car is, and you can't even drive! i.e. most people don't know what they are buying.

We don't charge any up-front fees and SpiderSpider will provide you with a ‘no obligation, no cost’ outline web site draft which will contain some of the basic elements of your company’s details. 

These details would normally consist of some pictorial content i.e. from your company brochure (if you've got one), or some pictures you could take yourself, plus some descriptive text. 

The draft site would only normally consist of one or two ‘pages’, e.g. a home, or main menu page, and one other.

This outline site would be designed to give you a ’taste’ of what the final site will look like. Spider Spider makes no upfront charges and you are not committed to any charge at all until you have seen and approved the first design draft.

These details would show you roughly what your own  website might look like before you commit to any cost.

What does it cost? - also see above.

An estimate will have been given to you at the start of the project. We work on a fixed-price basis and normally stick to our original estimate unless you specifically ask for a much higher level of complexity. 

Following further discussion regarding the scope of the content in the web site, and after you have approved the first draft, style and cost, we would proceed and complete the project. Obviously if the content increases significantly beyond the original design, the cost would increase. see above:

  Stage 3 - The host for your web site

A hosting account is like a ‘parking space’ on the internet .. A website has to be ‘hosted’ by an ISP (Internet Service Provider), e.g. Orange, BT, AOL plus commercial and business hosting services.  

A  website will not function without a host. Some ISP's offer this service free but provide no technical support. An average business hosting account would cost about £10.00 to £30.00 per month. 

Spider Spider will normally offer a hosting account as part of the service. This will normally be charged on a quarterly basis and you will be advised of the cost in advance. 

Our hosting service has been chosen for its reliability and good technical support. We have been using the same company for many years and have had no problems. We can therefore pass on this reliability to yourself.


Search engine optimisation

This is the term used to describe the various techniques available to get your website listed on the first few pages of most of the main search engines. There is not much point in having a great website if no one can find it! 

Entire books have been written about getting a good listing on the search engines. However Spider Spider uses tried and tested techniques which will normally ensure that your site is included on the first few pages of the principal search engines within one month or two of completion, using search phrases commonly used for your particular business. For example - Yahoo, Google plus many others.  

It must be pointed out that getting a listing on page 1 or 2 of Google is not 100% guaranteed, SpiderSpider's success rate is good however. This service is provided as part of the budget and does not incur any additional cost. 

If you put a new website on the Internet, it will not be immediately be listed on Google or any other of the search engines (unless you open an Adwords account see below) It is a common misconception that new websites will immediately appear on search engines, as soon as they are put on the Internet.

You have to regard Google, or any other of the search engines, a bit like a local municipal lending library .... if an author publishes a new book, it will not suddenly appear in the library 'as if by magic', it will be purchased by the library when they do their periodic book purchasing, perhaps once a month.

Search engines periodically re-list the entire internet, and your website will only appear in their listing after they do this update. So if you put a new website on the Internet, there's no point in searching for it on Google because it won't be there! ..... in fact it's worse than that because there's an unsubstantiated theory that Google specifically does not list new sites to encourage you to take out AdWords accounts.

What do we do to get round this problem?

As soon as you ask us to go ahead with a website, we design a simple one page site which contains nothing more than your logo, a few paragraphs of descriptive text, and a message saying something like ' This website is under construction and will be completed by (date?) ..... '. We call this a 'holding page'.

This is crucial because during the main website design process, which can take a month or two depending on how quickly you get us all the content information, there is a strong chance that the holding page will be picked and listed by the search engines. So when the main site is finished, it can be put in the place of the holding page, and your site will be listed on Google  as soon as it's finished, as opposed to waiting for a month or two.

If you wish to use any of the many Search Engine Optimisation companies currently advertising, you are at liberty to do so but we cannot recommend any of them - do try them, don't spend too much money, and be prepared to be disappointed!  

It's getting more and more difficult to get a good listing on Google, especially for a new small business website. The first few pages tend to be 'hijacked' by the larger companies and 'library' sites i.e. websites just providing more lists of associated sites.

Google AdWords

One way of getting a new small business site listed quickly, i.e. before it is 'naturally' picked up by the search engines is Google AdWords - go to the main Google site, look at the bottom of the screen and click on advertising programmes - this will give you all the details - some of our clients use this and find it is successful in improving their 'hit rate'. You can set your own monthly budget to avoid over-spending.

For some very useful information on setting up a Google AdWords campaign please read this article

Just contact SpiderSpider and we will happily explain in more detail ..

'Google is not enough'

Due to the staggering quantity of websites on the Internet, It's generally considered that your website will need a lot more marketing help than just being on the search engines. Click here to see examples of more marketing methods>>

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