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From concept to delivery, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and that means keeping you informed all the way along the line. We will contact you at every stage of the process.

Scripting: We provide scripting as part of our quote and our experienced script writers are on hand to make sure your message comes across in the most appropriate way. 

However, if you prefer to write your own then we will be happy to guide you.

This can work in two ways, you can tell us how much you want to spend and we will produce a high quality product for that amount. Or tell us what you want to capture and what you want to say and we will provide you with a budget breakdown. 
Once we quote you a price, that is what you pay. No hidden costs. No hidden surprises. All our extras come as standard. 

We will always manage to suit your needs and we promise to provide you with more than you pay for – whatever the budget.   

Presenters: It's a big question. To use or not to use. Some productions can take on a whole new gravitas with the right person in front of the camera. Get it wrong and it will look very bad indeed. We can certainly advise you. Not only that, should you want your favourite celeb to front it then we will be only too pleased to get them on board and sort out all the boring bits.

Translation: We are happy to produce the final film in any language you feel is appropriate, advise you on the style and cut it to suit cultural differences. We need to know this in advance as this may affect the content we need to include but our first meeting will establish this. We can also alter it later as well but it will probably turn out a little more expensive.

Music: We will always strive to use the music that is perfect for your production, however, you may want to use a particular track for some reason, maybe the lyrics are relevant to your business, either way, if it's available for use then we can sort out the licensing and fill out the appropriate forms. You may even want a specially composed piece, -- we can do that too, just to make sure that we are on track and that you are happy.  




We will always use the most advanced medium available to capture the footage and fit in with your budgetary requirements. Our standard capture medium is High Definition ensuring that your images are usable well into the future. However, if your video is just for website use, in a small video clip, we may suggest using smaller format cameras to reduce the cost.
In the hands or our experienced staff you have a production crew capable of the highest standards.   




  Editing: This is where we take all the pieces and apply a little production magic. What you end up with is a corporate film that is a pleasure to watch and of interest to your staff or customers. This is where you can sit in with the editor and watch it all come together. You can make any changes, add bits, take bits away; colour it, add the sound and anything else that it needs. However, we never lose sight of the fact that this is your production reflecting your company.

Graphics: Computer Graphics cover a vast array of possibilities. Over-use can make them a big turn off but used correctly, they can be of great benefit and make your production stand out from the norm. We can advise you on this and help you design a ‘look’ for your production.

Delivery: Delivery will be on time, it goes without saying - and the format is entirely up to you - DVD, CD, Mini DVD, Web stream, YouTube, or included in your website using a built-in video player.
The choice is wide and some are more suitable than others. This is something we will discuss in the early stages so you’re not kept waiting.





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