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SpiderSpider can design a web site, a logo, and some print for you to compliment your existing business, or to accompany the start up of your new enterprise. 

All of our sites are bespoke. 

A good website is more than just pretty pictures and corporate text just like everybody else's. 

We don't just put your pictures and text into a template we built for somebody else. We won't blind you with jargon or charge you too much ..... All our clients are now our friends ..... and we want them to stay like that .. more>>

Logo design - Corporate Identity

If you have a logo and some company identity already, we can work with that. If you haven't, we can start from scratch and design a logo, website, stationery, signage for you  ..... the lot .... we normally present you with a range of logos and you choose the one you like.

Print design for letterhead, business cards, flyers, signage, banners, clothing.... anything ..

We can use your existing logo, or a new one we designed for you to create flyers, business cards, banners, shop signs, display panels - anything you want....

Email marketing

We can send out business to business emails, starting with a 'starter' package of 15,000 emails to your local geographical area e.g. your local county or two, for as little as £150.00  >>>>

This is a 3 stage process i.e. we send out your marketing email 3 times ..  more info>>

Why bother to do this? When you start up a new business you don't usually have a large number of email contacts to whom you can send off your info. 

It's generally considered that sending a monthly newsletter or information about special offers etc. is one of the best ways of maintaining contact with your clients and getting them to put more business in your direction.

So by sending out speculative emails (these have to comply with the law), you can collect some more contact names each time and then add them to your regular monthly newsletter list. The contacts on this list are far more likely to open the email because they have already showed interest in the past.

Stage one,
we send out the 15,000 emails and check how many are opened >>>>

Stage two,
we send a new email to the addresses which were opened in stage one>>

Stage 3,
we send a new email to the addresses which were opened in stage 2. This means that the people who opened all 3 are liable to be seriously interested in your product or service.
You then add these new addresses to your regular (monthly) email shot containing info on special offers and new products or service etc.

Video Production

I'm sure, like most other people, if you come across a video clip in a website you will look at it first, before reading loads and loads of text.  

Why not have some video in your website? - it doesn't have to be a Spielberg epic. To keep the cost down, shoot some video yourself ('keep the camera still and let the subject do the moving'!!)and we can edit it for you'. 

Or even better, let us shoot it and edit it for you. For website use you don't always need high-end broadcast standard video, but you do need someone 'behind the camera' who knows what they are doing!..

SpiderSpider has a background in the video business, originally with the BBC, then with some top London corporate video production companies. 

So we are well placed to advise you on the best video route to take... more>>


Management consultancy / managing your finances.

With a history of helping small businesses, we can also assist you in starting your own business, plus managing your finances once you've got started. management consultancy>>

Easymoneyplanner - designed by us, is a very simple way of projecting your finances forward for several months and therefore keeping your cash flow under control. 

You enter your basic costs, and your projected income for some time ahead and the system shows you whether you are in the 'red' or 'black' - essential for any new small business..... >>>>>>>>


EasyMoneyPlanner - Plan your finances ahead and avoid going further into the'red'. www.easymoneyplanner.co.uk



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