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"What is a 'mobile version of a website'.........

There are various ways of making a mobile version of a website. Our method is to make a 'summary' or one page 'tall thin' webpage which is specifically configured to automatically fit a mobile phone screen. The text is larger, the pictures simpler, and gives viewers a quick summary of your main services. 

Google introduced a system in late 2015 whereby any website which is 'mobile friendly' is going to be given a better listing on the search engines. Our system has been tested using the Google checking algorithm and has been confirmed as 'mobile friendly'.

On your normal desktop or laptop computer this 'mobile, webpage will look like this...

It doesn't fill the entire screen size, just a 'tall thin' strip up the middle. It's not intended to be viewed on a large screen, but is designed and programmed to fill a mobile phone screen automatically, as below.. much easier to read!! .... larger text and simplified graphics.


You don't have to scroll from side to side to see content, just up or down, which is much easier on a mobile phone.

A large number of internet searches are carried out by mobile devices nowadays, and it's a great advantage for viewers to see a quick summary of your site without having to scroll up and down, and side-to-side around a large website.

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