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Why do you think that SO many websites are advertised on TV, in newsprint, on billboards? Due to the staggering quantity of websites on the Internet, It's generally considered that your website will need a lot more marketing help than just being on the search engines. 

If you've got a business, or you are starting a business, don't give up on the 'old fashioned' methods of advertising just because you've got a website and you want to get  listed on Google, and you think that's all you need to do!!!!!

If you don't already have a website, firstly read the following simple checklist below, if you do have a site, go to marketing methods>>  

Checklist - to see if your product is viable to be sold on the Internet .

a) Determine that there is a market for your product. You can do this by checking if your product is already being sold on the Internet. If a product is worth selling, someone will probably be doing it already!

Don't worry if you find lots of sites already marketing the same product - the key factor is to sell your version of the product more efficiently and more cost effectively than the opposition. The Internet is almost entirely cost-driven i.e. whilst a professional looking site is crucial, people will rapidly search around for the cheapest product price.

There's very little company 'loyalty' on the Internet - customers just want the best price as quickly as possible. This of course leaves people open to being 'scammed' so do what you can to make sure the cheapest website is a reputable company.

b) Analyse the competition and determine their weaknesses. Competition is about building a better mousetrap or reaching customers that others don't.

c) Design your website to optimise the selling your chosen products or services. Sales conversion is the most important element in any successful business model.

d) Run test advertising to work out what will generate traffic to your website, and more importantly, to figure out what impression you need to create to sell your goods and services. It's virtually impossible to know what is your best form of advertising at the outset. All you can do is to try various methods - see below - and then monitor the results. The old expression ' run it up the flagpole and see who salutes' is still relevant.

 Marketing methods - don't just rely on search engines!

You need to consider the following:

1) Reciprocal linking

2) Listings on town/city sites

3) Listings on trade sites

4) Traditional directories like Yellow Pages or Thompson local

5) Google have a ‘pay per click’ service. Google Adwords

6) Blogs

7) Email marketing

8) Press / Media releases

9) Traditional methods like newspaper ads

10) Video

11) Social Media marketing

12) If you are selling products, try putting one of them on Ebay.

13) Forums  

14) Article publishing

For more information on the above marketing methods, and to find out if we can apply them to your site, please contact us .








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